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Our authors are important to us

Our authors can count on plenty of friendly, personal attention and a true publishing partnership. Although our advances are low, the royalties we offer are higher than the industry standard.

Have a book you want us to consider?

Brandt Street Press is temporarily closed to book submissions because our publishing pipeline is currently full. All manuscripts submitted will be returned unread. If you submitted previously and have not yet heard from us, we will still read your manuscript and make a decision on it.

BSP looks for manuscripts that tell interesting stories from the past, whether it's your own or somebody else's. They may be nonfiction, memoir or fiction.

Ask yourself these questions before you submit:

  • Did I have fun writing this book?

  • Is the language I use interesting? Do people enjoy reading it?

  • If I was having dinner with a group of friends and told a story from this book, would it prompt laughter, fascination or a lively discussion?

If your answer to these questions is yes, consider submitting to us. If your book is academic in nature, or if it is filled with dates and statistics, we are probably not the publisher for you.

Submissions should be between 35,000-100,000 words (140-400 pages). Simultaneous submissions are fine. We typically reply within three to six months. Send a query letter with sample chapters (preferably first chapter and one or two others) from your book to the editor: editor@brandtstreetpress.com

Want to be the next Dammit author?

Submit your story for consideration to the next book in the Dammit Series. Brandt Street Press seeks original stories. The story must be true and not published somewhere else. It should amaze and inspire. And, more than anything else, it should be entertaining. Submissions for Dammit, I Love You are now closed. Check back soon for the next Dammit Book topic.

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