Neespaugot: The Legend of the Indian's Coin
John Mugglebee

ISBN: 978-0974260792
378 pp.

Melba Blue Jay, sixteen, scrambling up a snow-filled mountain path, her knife at a child's throat. Archie Chung at the helm of the South Pacific Belle, foremast snapped like a toothpick, barreling toward a coral reef. Spindly Lydia Freeman, skin the color of dark ale, feeding tea made of birch bark to an Irish murderess. Zeke Roxxmott teetering at three hundred feet on the five-inch ledge of his penthouse, bent on a flawless destruction. Adventurers, inextricably linked by a bloodline... and an Indian’s coin.

John Mugglebee
is a racial and ethnic jigsaw puzzle. His heritage, in chronological order, includes Native American, African American, Scots-Irish, Chinese and Russian Jew. Growing up, John was told family stories that had been passed down for generations. Neespaugot is loosely based on those stories.

John has said there were two major factors that shaped him as a person and a writer. One was “Being colored but not knowing which color.” The other was upheaval. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, at age eleven John was uprooted and moved to Southern California in the midst of the ’60s race riots. It was through sports and academics that he found stability and integration.

John attended Dartmouth College and received a master’s in creative writing from Colorado State University. He currently lives in the South of France, where he heads a language laboratory for French Civil Aviation. His previous novel, Renaissance in Provence, was published in 2004.


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